NC LED 3Lamps 0.72W 140Angle RGB Color (RGB3-LW2-FUTC50) 50EA

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    • samsung chip
    • RGB multicolor LED module
    • lense covered Wide Angle
    • 3-LED per module
    • Made in Korea
    • 160° viewing angle



    · 3 Chips in 1 SMD LED lighting system creates 16-Million color

    · Specialized lens covered design for perfect humid & waterproof (IP68)

    · Protection from Sulfer Dioxide(SO2) · High luminosity & compact design

    · Guaranteed life time up to 50,000 hours *24 hour constant load may result less operating hours with lower lighting output.

    · Estimated lifetime is based on normal usage

    · SMD LED mounted (Made in Korea) · Slight current drop through wire to wire connection(vs soldering)

    · 160° viewing angle creates more uniform backlighting eects and better silhouettes

    · Quality and reliability assuredd.


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